4.4.2 Trouble

Use this domain for words referring to bad things that happen in life.

OMC Codes: 
730 Social Problems
732 Disabilities
733 Alcoholism and Drug Addiction
734 Invalidism
735 Poverty
736 Dependency
737 Old Age Dependency
738 Delinquency
Louw Nida Codes: 
22A Trouble, Hardship, Distress
22B Experience Trouble, Hardship
22C Cause Trouble, Hardship
22D Difficult, Hard
22F Easy, Light
  • What words refer to bad things that happen in life?
    trouble, adversity, difficulty, hardship
  • What types of trouble are there?
    be in need, be in pain, be injured, harm, be in distress, suffer persecution, be in danger, social unrest, anarchy
  • What causes trouble?
    war, famine, disaster, accident, sickness, injury, death, conflict, harm, destruction, oppression