Hate, detest

Use this domain for words related to hating someone or something--to dislike someone or something very much.

Louw Nida Codes: 
88Z Hate, Hateful
25Q Abhor
  • What words refer to feeling hateful?
    hate, abhor, have an abhorrence, abominate, deplore, despise, detest, loathe, have a loathing for, look down on, odium, feel unfriendly toward,
  • What words refer to the feeling of hate?
    hate, hating, hatred, abhorrence, aversion, loathing, repugnance, repulsion,
  • What words describe someone who feels hateful?
  • What words describe a person who is hated?
    hated, despised, detested, loathed, odious, resented,
  • What words describe something that causes someone to feel hateful?
    hateful, abominable, deplorable, despicable, detestable, execrable, reprehensible,