Use this domain for words related to mining.

OMC Codes: 
316 Mining and Quarrying
317 Special Deposits
  • What words refer to digging minerals out of the ground?
    mine (v), quarry (v)
  • What words refer to a place where minerals are mined?
    mine (n), gold mine, coal mine, strip mine, quarry (n), mother lode, deposit, vein, coalfield
  • What are the parts of a mine?
    mine shaft, tailings, entrance, head
  • What words refer to looking for minerals?
    prospecting, pan for gold
  • What words refer to finding minerals?
    eureka, strike it rich
  • What words refer to a person who mines?
    miner, prospector
  • What tools and machines are used in mining?
    pan, sluice, Geiger counter, metal detector, pick, rock hammer