Right, proper

Use this domain for words describing something, such as a tool or way of doing something, that is proper for a particular time, place, purpose, or job. The words in this domain involve a comparison between two things, an item and a setting. An evaluation is made as to how good the item is in the setting. The words may be used only of certain types of items, certain types of settings, or certain types of usefulness.

Louw Nida Codes: 
66 Proper, Improper
  • What words describe something that is proper?
    right, proper, applicable, apposite, apropos, becoming, befitting, correspond, correspondent, corresponding, decent, due, expected, felicitous, germane, meet, opportune, pertinent, pleasing, principled, properly, right-minded, rightful, smart, suitable, suited, timely, well, well-timed,
  • What words describe something that is right for a particular job?
    right, proper, accepted, approved, appropriate, correct,
  • What words refer to something being right for a particular job?
    suit, lends itself to, be suited to, be cut out for, be made for, fit the bill, fit in, be right for, be the right person for, make a good/ideal,
  • What words refer to something someone does that is right for a particular situation?
    right, proper, acceptable, appropriate, apt, correct, fitting, suitable, be the done thing, be the way it's done, in keeping with,
  • What words refer to doing something in the right way?
    right, properly, correctly, by the book,
  • What words refer to the quality of being proper?
    suitability, suitableness, fit (n),