Leaning, sloping

Use this domain for words describing a leaning orientation in relation to the ground, or a surface that is sloping.

  • What words describe something in a leaning position?
    leaning, at an angle, out of plumb, angled, on a slant, aslant, slanted, inclined, oblique, tilted, crooked, list, askew, out of kilter
  • What words refer to causing something to lean?
    lean, angle, tilt, slant, incline
  • What words refer to leaning something against something else?
    lean something against, incline, prop against
  • What words describe a surface that is sloping?
    sloping, slope up/down, on an incline, rising, rise up (toward), ascending, upgrade, uphill, falling, fall away, descending, downgrade, downhill, dip
  • What words refer to a surface that is sloping?
    slope (n), ramp, ascent, rise, bank, incline (n), grade
  • What words refer to how much something is leaning or sloping?
    angle, slope (n), inclination, pitch, grade, gradient, steep, precipitous, gradual (rise)
  • What words describe a surface that is not level?
    uneven, rough, hilly, wavy, lumpy, broken (ground), rugged