3.6.2 School

Use this domain for words related to school.

OMC Codes: 
870 Education
871 Educational System
872 Elementary Education
873 Liberal Arts Education
874 Vocational Education
875 Teachers
876 Educational Theory and Methods
877 Students
  • What words refer to a school?
  • What words refer to a school for different ages?
    nursery school, kindergarten, grammar school, elementary school, secondary school, high school, university, college,
  • What words refer to a special kind of school?
    public school, state school, private school, boarding school, co-educational, comprehensive school, religious school, seminary, academy
  • What words refer to a place in a school?
    classroom, lecture hall, playground, sports field, gymnasium, auditorium, staffroom
  • What words refer to a group of students in a school?
    class, grade, form, year, set, student body,
  • What equipment is used in a school?
    textbook, desk, chair, blackboard, chalk, eraser, rubber, uniform, school-bag, exercise book,
  • What words refer to attending school?
    attend, go to school, enter school
  • What words refer to leaving school?
    leave, graduate, drop out, dropout
  • What words refer to making someone leave school because of bad behavior?
    expel, kick out, suspend,