Use this domain for words referring to studying--to try to learn something.

OMC Codes: 
120 Research Methods
121 Theoretical Orientation in Research and Its Results
122 Practical Preparations in Conducting Fieldwork
123 Observational Role in Research
124 Interviewing in Research
125 Tests and Schedules Administered In the Field
126 Recording and Collecting In the Field
127 Historical and Archival Research
128 Organization and Analysis of Results of Research
Louw Nida Codes: 
27D Try To Learn
  • What words refer to studying something?
    study, analyze, check, concern yourself with, consider, determine, examine, experiment (v), follow, inquire into, investigate, learn, look into/for, look something up, probe, prowl, seek, search, research, study, test, trace, track, trail, try to find out about,
  • What words refer to the process of trying to learn something?
    evaluation, examination, experiment (n), investigation, inquiry, quest, study, search
  • What words refer to the subject that is being studied?
    subject, topic, question
  • What words refer to studying something a second time?
    review, revise (British)
  • What words refer to a person who studies something?
    astronomer, biologist, botanist, detective, investigator, linguist, mathematician, operative, reconnoiterer, scientist, scout, spy, undercover agent, zoologist
  • What words describe someone who likes to study?
    studious, inquisitive,