2.1.6 Bone, joint

Use this domain for words related to the bones and joints.

  • What general words refer to a bone?
    bone, bony,
  • What words refer to the entire set of bones?
    skeleton, skeletal
  • What words refer to specific bones?
    skull, jawbone, shoulder blade, collarbone, clavicle, backbone, rib, hip, tibia, tailbone, carpal, carpus, cranium, femur, fibula, humerus, mandible, mandibular, maxillary, metacarpus, metacarpal, metatarsus, metatarsal, parietal bone, pelvis, pelvic, radius, shinbone, spine, sternum, tarsus, ulna, vertebra, vertebral,
  • What are the parts of a bone?
  • What words refer to a joint between two bones?
    joint, knuckle (of finger), elbow, knee, hip, coronal suture,
  • What are the parts of a joint?
    cartilage, tendon, fluid sack, socket, ball
  • What words refer to the sounds made by popping the knuckles?
    to crack (your knuckles), pop