Use this domain for words related to feeling enthusiastic--to feel very good because you want to do something or you want something to happen.

Louw Nida Codes: 
25F Be Eager, Be Earnest, In a Devoted Manner
  • What words refer to feeling enthusiastic?
    be into something, be excited about, be raring to go, eagerly,
  • What words refer to the feeling of enthusiasm?
    enthusiasm, eagerness, zeal,
  • What words describe someone who feels enthusiastic?
    enthusiastic, enthused, animated, ardent, avid, eager, fervent, hot, motivated, zealous, have purpose, keen, mad about,
  • What words refer to feeling very enthusiastic?
    get carried away, be full of enthusiasm,
  • What words refer to causing someone to feel enthusiastic?
    inspire, motivate, fire up, enthuse
  • What words refer to something that causes someone to feel enthusiastic?
    motivation, motivator,
  • What words describe something that causes someone to feel enthusiastic?
  • What words refer to someone who is enthusiastic about something?
  • What words refer to not feeling enthusiastic?
    not enthusiastic, unenthusiastic, lack of enthusiasm, half-hearted, lukewarm, muted, your heart's not in it,