Use this domain for words related to the rain.

Louw Nida Codes: 
14C Rain
  • What words refer to the rain?
    rain, precipitation, rainfall
  • What does the rain do?
    rain (v), fall, pelt, splatter, drench, water (v)
  • What words describe the weather when it is raining?
    rainy, wet
  • What words refer to when the rain stops?
    stop raining
  • What words describe how hard it is raining?
    sprinkle, drizzle, light rain, shower, pour, downpour, cloudburst, rainstorm, hard/heavy/driving rain, torrential, deluge, thundershower
  • What words describe when it rains a lot?
    rainy season, monsoon, the rains
  • What is a single drop of rain?
    raindrop, drop,
  • What words refer to rain water on the ground?
    rainwater, puddle, run-off
  • What sound does the rain make?
    pitter-patter, drum, drip drip
  • What words refer to a rainbow?
  • What words refer to dew?
    dew, dewdrop, (ground is) damp with dew, moisture
  • What do people use to protect themselves from the rain?
    umbrella, raincoat, boot