29 Oct 2012

Oxford learner's wordfinder dictionary

Submitted by ron_moe
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TitleOxford learner's wordfinder dictionary
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1997
AuthorsTrappes-Lomax H
PublisherOxford: Oxford University Press

<p>This is also an excellent classified dictionary. It is designed as a tool for beginning learners of English, so is much simpler than the Longman Language Activator. It has fewer words in each domain and tends to lump several domains together under a general heading. But it also includes the concrete domains which are lacking in the Longman work. Longman’s domains tend to be more abstract, while the Oxford domains tend to be based more on scenarios. However there is a great deal of overlap and consistency between the two. A high proportion of the domains and vocabulary are the same. It has 630 domains.</p>